The San Francisco Bay Area Chamber Choir

“The incomparable sound of many voices unified in tone and spirit”

The Choir

SFBACC was founded in 1978 and sings under the direction of Scot Hanna-Weir, who was named the choir’s interim Music Director in March 2021. Since its origin, the choir has been highly acclaimed for its sensitive and exciting performances of extremely varied and demanding literature.

SFBACC Workshop

As part of SFBACC’s series of workshops, we’re happy to announce that James Toland, renowned vocal coach, is going to lead our next session.

This workshop will focus on many aspects of proper singing and understanding of the singer’s instrument. Some of the topics included will be:

  • Diction
  • Onset and release
  • Quiet, relaxed breathing
  • Warm-up exercises focusing on vowel formation
  • Warm-up exercises focusing on voiced and unvoiced consonants
  • Understanding the relationship between consonants and vowels
  • Proper approach and formation that leads to easier and more beautiful sound and breathing
  • Steps for learning music
  • Practice techniques to better ingrain concepts and ideas

The workshop will be presented as an expanded voice lesson with participation by selected singers and volunteers to help demonstrate the concepts and principals that discussed. A Q&A section will be interwoven throughout the workshop so Jim can address problems and questions from individual singers, both in-person and via Zoom.


Are you an experienced choral singer in the Bay Area who’s looking for a friendly choral home where you have the opportunity to perform challenging music for appreciative audiences?

The choir “delivered up harmonies that were so lush they buzzed and burred in the high arched hall, a testament to their careful tuning and balance.”

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